Back in January 1993, Dave's Towing started as a one-truck operation: a 1977 Chevy service truck with a car dolly that serviced AAA members. Averaging about 20 calls per day was just the beginning of what was a simple operation. Dave was the business man and Brian was the back-bone. Together they were unstoppable.

As the competition grew, it was time to expand this simple operation. The first tow truck, a 1974 Chevy in need of some repair, was given to us by a good friend, David, who inspired us to beat the competition. After some TLC, this little Chevy was ready for anything. Two years had gone by and it was time for some improvement.


In 1995, they totally re-built the old truck and made it look better than it did when it was new. Everybody loved the new look of Dave's Towing. By now they were starting to get busy all the time. By 1998, the little Chevy was getting lots of miles on it and it was time for the big decision. We needed another truck. We purchased the first new tow truck, a 1999 Chevy.

Finally after all the long hours and sleepless nights, Dave & Brian decided to run both trucks at the same time. They were doing a lot of AAA and private calls. By the year 2000, things started getting busy enough to hire more help and buy more tow trucks. They bought a big 2000 International rollback, a 1995 Chevy rollback, a 1988 Chevy rollback, and a 1990 Chevy wheel lift tow truck. Then came Bill, a good friend who Brian had gone to high school with. Bill was perfect for the job and operating the rollback. Wow, six trucks!

We were getting very big. So much for a simple operation. In 2001, we were averaging about 250 calls per week and stress was becoming a big factor. Dave came off the road and started his new position as office manager. Brian and Bill were constantly busy, and it was time for more drivers for the additional trucks. That's when Stevie, AJ, and Nick started working for them. Stevie in the 1995 Chevy rollback, AJ in the 1990 Chevy wheel lift tow truck, and Nick rode with AJ at this point. This was a big change for Dave's Towing and it was working great. In 2001, more trucks were needed. So they bought a new 2002 International rollback for Brian, that left Nick with the 1999 wheel lift tow truck. They were now averaging 400 or more calls per week. They needed a dispatcher and a secretary. So they hired Walt to dispatch and Pat as an administrative assistant. Both had plenty of experience. They were all busy and worked well together. AJ is now in a 2003 Ford rollback. Bill is in a 2003 International rollback. Stevie by this time had lost interest. Nick is in the 1999 Chevy wheel lift tow truck. Brian is in the 2002 International rollback. Dave sometimes is in a 2001 Chevy service truck.

All the old trucks are history. Everybody loves the new Dave's Towing look even more. They are now one of the biggest towing companies in Lancaster, PA. January 2003 marks their 10 Year Anniversary!

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